News from Cathal's Work on Behalf of the Defence Forces

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New Aircraft for the Irish Air Corps

Great to see Irish defence capabilities enhanced with the first of two C295 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) arriving at Irish Air Corps. The new aircraft are primarily equipped for maritime surveillance and will also provide the Air Corps with the capability to deliver a range of ...

Sudan evacuation of Irish citizens

One of the biggest issues from the Kabul operation two years ago was that Ireland did not have an independent airlift means to deploy its troops overseas, that issue still hasn’t been solved yet. Secondly, we learned that we need a lot more contingency planning to be done in advance of these very ...

Progress for the Defence Forces – private healthcare for enlisted personnel, renovation of homes for military families and new military troop transport

Good week for Óglaigh na hÉireann / Irish Defence Forces. Better healthcare for enlisted personnel. Renovation of homes in barracks for military families. 3rd Airbus C295 for airlift (first time in the history of the State) Proper order too. They have our front- we should have ...