Positive news for Kildare commuters

Positive update today on moving closer to fairer fares for the commuters of Kildare South! The National Transport Authority has announced their plans for a new fare structure today. Fares will now be determined nationwide based on the distance traveled in km and also the introduction of a ...

Sudan evacuation of Irish citizens

One of the biggest issues from the Kabul operation two years ago was that Ireland did not have an independent airlift means to deploy its troops overseas, that issue still hasn’t been solved yet. Secondly, we learned that we need a lot more contingency planning to be done in advance of these very ...

Reminder to check Passport Expiry Dates

Lots of people have been in touch with me in recent weeks about passport renewal applications and as the summer approaches, it’s important to ensure your passport is in date if you intend to travel. Here are the current turnaround times when applying online Simple renewals: 10 Working Days ...

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