Dr. Cathal Berry – Issues affecting the Defence Forces

 I spoke to the Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney about a number of immediate issues facing the Defence Forces.
⏺ Removing the requirement for a person to purchase their discharge from the Defence Forces following line service.
⏺ Improving sea-going pay for the Naval Service.
⏺ Troops should be receiving additional pay for the two weeks when quarantined in relation to overseas deployment.
⏺ The issues with Technical Pay.
⏺ Providing the same level of Medical Care to Enlisted personnel as to Commissioned Officers.
⏺ Traditionally the Defence Forces always get the lowest level of increase from the Budget. This year the Defence Forces need their fair share.
⏺ Improving the infrastructure of the Curragh Camp.
⏺ The need for additional funding for the Defence Forces Training Institutions.
I believe by addressing these important issues affecting the Defence Forces, this would have a huge impact on morale, recruitment and retention.
I will continue to liaise with Minister Coveney on these issues.