Defence (Amendment) Bill 2020: Second Stage (Resumed) – Reserve Defence Forces

I spoke to the Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney about a number of issues facing the Reserve Defence Forces (RDF). I suggested the following amendments to the Defence Bill 2020 –
⏺ Allow members of the RDF to serve overseas, particularly in niche operational roles like medical and communications roles.
⏺ Allow members of the RDF to go on training exercises and training courses overseas.
⏺ Allow members to participate in ceremonial events abroad.
⏺ Create a Re-Enlistment Pathway for members to seamlessly transition back into the RDF should they wish to rejoin.
I believe this would have a huge impact on the Reserve Defence Forces and allow us to populate the numbers very quickly again to get back towards 4,000 members.
I will continue to liaise with Minister Coveney on these issues.