Positive news for Kildare commuters

Positive update today on moving closer to fairer fares for the commuters of Kildare South!
The National Transport Authority has announced their plans for a new fare structure today. Fares will now be determined nationwide based on the distance traveled in km and also the introduction of a new Dublin Commuter Zone. The Short Hop Zone will be replaced by two zones, a 23km radius Blue Zone and a 50km Purple Zone.
On balance it is a positive development and good news for the commuters of Kildare South. I have previously made representations to the NTA and also raised this matter in the Dáil, so I welcome any improvements to the current system.
Although the new fares have yet to be confirmed and it will take time for the changes to take effect, the NTA have stated that it will be a fairer structure with consistency for journeys of a similar distance. It is expected that the new fares will be published in June and come into effect before the end of this year.