Portarlington & Castledermot Streetscape Enhancement Initiative

Delighted to see that funding has been announced for Portarlington & Castledermot under the €7 million Streetscape Enhancement Initiative to improve the local streetscape.
The funding from the Department of Rural Development is to fund projects including the likes of the following:
🔹Strategic collaboration between property owners to paint buildings or shopfronts in vibrant colours
🔹Commissioning of murals in towns and villages
🔹Upgrade or restoration of historic/traditional shopfronts
🔹Provision of street planting, shrubbery, trees and flowers boxes
🔹Illumination and lighting of architectural features
🔹Installation of canopies and street furniture
🔹Decluttering of streetscapes with removal of unnecessary signs / wires
Looking forward to seeing the positive changes the funding will make in both Castledermot & Portarlington!