Public Consultation Process on the Curragh Plains

I welcome the announcement that a public consultation process has been launched seeking views on the best way to preserve and manage the Curragh Plains.
The Curragh plains is a fantastic and unique amenity to have in Kildare and it’s also a national treasure. Particularly during the lockdown, we’ve all seen how great and useful it is for local people in the community, sports clubs and a place for people to exercise. It’s also of huge importance to the Defence Forces, the Horse Racing Industry and the farming community in Kildare.
Kildare County Council in collaboration with the Department of Defence have jointly procured the services of a multi-disciplinary team, led by Paul Hogarth consultants, to develop a Conservation Management Plan and Interpretation/Branding Strategy for the Plains.
I’d encourage anyone with an interest in the future of the Curragh plains to have their say and share their thoughts and opinions.
The consultation process commences ‪on the 15 March 2021‬ and can be accessed on