Finance Bill 2020: Second Stage (Resumed)

In the Dáil, I spoke about the Finance Bill 2020.
I focused on the provision relating to the Naval Service Sea-Going Personnel tax credit. I raised the following points with the Minster.
🔹 Is this tax credit going to be continued to be rolled over into the future of is it just for a couple of years?
🔹 I welcomed the small increase in the tax credit (gone from €1,270 to €1,500 for 2021). This is only acceptable as a first step in a process of increases that needs to continually improve every year.
🔹 Making the seafarers tax credit (€6350) available to the Naval Service, the Nation’s primary seagoing service.
This would in turn have a number of positive effects on the Naval Service. It would assist with the retention crisis, there is no risk of contagion if this tax credit was increased, it would support lower-paid members & their families and would be available to all personnel.
Our Naval Service protects us every hour of every day and the least they deserve is for us to reciprocate and protect them as well.