2020 CLÁR Programme will help Rural Communities respond to COVID-19

CLÁR is one element of a €30 million package of co-ordinated and complementary supports that is being launched this week as part of the Department’s Rural Development Investment Programme. The other elements of the programme to be opened later this week will be the Town and Village Renewal Scheme and the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme. The Rural Development Investment Programme is funded under Project Ireland 2040.

CLÁR provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have suffered significant levels of population decline. The supports provided through CLÁR have been tailored this year to help rural communities to respond to the new COVID-19 environment. This includes the addition of new funding measures.

The measures being funded under the 2020 CLÁR programme are:

 Measure 1: Schools/Community Safety measures (expanded in 2020)

 Measure 2: Community Recreation Areas (new in 2020)

 Measure 3: Community Wellbeing Supports, comprising:
 Meals on Wheels and linked services (new in 2020)
 Mobility and Cancer Care Transport

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