New e-Commerce Website being launched for Kildare Businesses by Kildare County Council – 

A new e-commerce platform providing Kildare businesses the opportunity to make the move to online sales in a free of charge, quick and user-friendly way is being launched by Kildare County Council in association with the Kildare Chamber of Commerce. The hub will go live for consumers in July. It is the first of its kind in the country. Kildare businesses should register for the website before Friday, June 20.

📍 Kildare County Council’s mission is to create hubs for local retailers and businesses to reopen their businesses to the local community. This County Kildare hub will curate products and services by town and village.

📍 Whether a business has a website or not, working together with technology partners COVA Technology, this platform can get businesses back up and running, selling products and services within minutes and free of charge. Business can also sell their vouchers.

📍 This opportunity is also of benefit to businesses who have already a functioning e-commerce website already, as the category function on the website allows their products and the businesses itself even greater exposure.

Currently, the focus is on onboarding retailers and businesses. Please follow this link to register your business on the website today 👉